The proper care for your Myrabell scarf is something that is very important for you to learn. If these scarves are not properly taken care of, they can be ruined. When you invest in a good quality scarf, you owe it to yourself to make sure that you do your best to give it proper care. There is much debate over what proper care of a Myrabell scarf actually entails. The debate is whether or not you should machine wash, hand wash, dry clean or not wash these scarves. If you wear your scarf on a regular basis, not washing it is not an option. The best method by far is hand washing in a delicate soap. It is much gentler on silk than some of the other cleaning methods. Dry cleaning is comprised of harsh chemicals, and this could affect or damage your scarf.

What to Look for in Myrabell Silk Scarves

Before you use any type of cleaner on your scarf, you should do a spot test to see if the dyes within the scarf have a potential to bleed or run. Vintage scarves may have dyes in them that are not stable. It may be a good idea to pre-treat areas on the scarf that have visible staining prior to putting it through a hand wash to ensure proper cleaning of that spot. You can also spot clean when you are hand washing your scarves. It is a good ideal because you are only cleaning a particular stain so there will be less of a chance of the scarf becoming ruined. For spot cleaning, you should use a cotton swab and a soft cleaner for removal of the stain.

When it comes to cleaning your Myrabell scarf, it can be a struggle to know the correct way to get it successfully cleaned. It is possible for your scarf to become ruined if the methods used for cleaning are not undertaken with care. You should take the time to learn about the method you are choosing.

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Cleaning Tips for Myrabell Silk Scarves

A Myrabell silk scarf is an accessory that is truly timeless. They can add a beautiful finishing touch to any type of outfit, and they can be worn in a variety of creative ways. They are a wonderful gift for just about any woman. Vintage scarves are a great gift because they are timeless and can be worn any time of the year in any decade.

A silk scarf is a very versatile accessory. Usually, they are worn around the neck, over the head or tied over one’s shoulder. When in use, a silk scarf is subjected to tying, knotting, and folding. Over time, a scarf will pick up natural pollutants and perspiration. When you care for your scarves properly, you can ensure that you will protect your fashion investment over the long term.

When it comes to proper care of your Myrabell silk scarf collection, there are some specific things you should look out for before attempting to wash it. Check the scarf for a label that says ‘dry clean only’. If the scarf is a vintage scarf, it is best to follow the care instructions on the label because of the different type of dyes used during that period.

– Watch for Bleeding

A patterned scarf that is hand blocked or has dyes that are not evenly distributed should not be washed. This is because it was hand dyed, so the colors are more likely to run or bleed. This will cause the dyes to transfer and show streaks.

Just about any scarf can be put into the water for a brief amount of time. You can wash them in a mild detergent made for hand washing. This will lightly refresh it. In some cases, washing can alter the fabric’s feel, and it could possibly remove the crispness offered by some silks. Sitting the scarf in the water should be for a brief period of only about a half of a minute to a full minute, and you should move it around while it is in the water.

– Do Not Wring

Never wring out your scarf; simply place it on a towel. Roll the towel up to pull the excess moisture from the scarf, and then hang it up to air dry. Avoid using a metal hanger because they could leave rust stains on the scarf. You could also place it in a net bag so that it can dry properly.

– Stain Removers

There are stain removers that are specifically designed for silks. These removers are bleach-free in most cases. You should still use this type of stain remover carefully and with great caution. Use a q-tip to apply the remover to the area, and then wash away with a damp cloth. Some stains can be removed with water alone.

In general, if the scarf if very expensive or one passed down through your family that you cherish, you should make sure you give it great care when cleaning it. If you have experience with washing silk, it is possible your results may vary. The important thing is to go slow and use care, and it will work out just fine.


A quality Myrabell silk scarf is an accessory that can be an elegant complement to any outfit. If they are well cared for, a silk scarf will last for many years. There are many different ways to wear a scarf, and they are incredibly popular these days. Fashionable scarves are a very smart wardrobe investment, and choosing the best quality materials to care for it will only add even more quality to your wardrobe. With just a few easy steps, you can ensure that your investment will be safe for many years to come.